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Bitefight Overview

Bitefight pits players against each other in the classic battle between vampires and werewolves. Each side must hunt demons and work at the graveyard to earn gold with which to better equipment selves, train their skills and ready themselves for this epic struggle. Bitefight is very similar to Gladiatus but with a horror theme rather than the Gladiator setting. Gameplay requires minimal player input so this is mostly a waiting game with pictures and text rather than a full fledged graphic user interface. Casual gamers and those who lack access to decent equipment have found Bitefight entertaining, but the huge advantages enjoyed by premium users cause heavy balance issues.

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Full Review

Bitefight Full Review

By, Erhan Altay

Bitefight is a popular browser based game by Gameforge, the same publisher behind Ogame, Ikariam, and Gladiatus. The game is most similar to Gladiatus but has a horror theme where players chose to play as either a vampire or werewolf. PvP plays a large role in Bitefight and players can be attacked by others at anytime. Like most browser games, Bitefight is slow paced and thin on gameplay options but is ideal for those without access to decent computer hardware.

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The Cursed Journey Begins

Account creation in Bitefight is simple but has a single hiccup. There are 15 independent game servers and an account signed up on one isn’t valid on the rest. Be sure to remember which server you sign up for so you don’t end up frustrating yourself. There is no way to transfer a character from one server to another so be sure to check with your friends if you plan to play with people you know. Character creation consists of choosing one of the two warring races, vampire or werewolf. Players cannot even select an avatar picture since that’s considered a premium service, but more on that later. The first screen you’ll encounter is the Overview section which displays your character’s skills, stats, items and a tally of how many players you’ve recruited to the game. Any gold you start with should go towards training your various skills which start with a value of 1 and can be raised at increasing gold cost. There is no tutorial in Bitefight but one of the links on the left hand side menu titled ‘Help’ will take players to an FAQ page. Alternatively, hitting ‘Forum’ will bring up a new tab where players can browse through other’s posts and find what they’re looking for.

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Vampires Vs Werewolves!

The main attraction in Bitefight is the PvP element between the two races. In order to participate in a PvP battle, players simply click ‘Hunt’ on the left and are given the option to fight a random member of the opposing race. If you have a particular player in mind, you can enter their character name manually to hunt them down. A ‘Man Hunt’ option is also available which allows you to fight against the AI to gain experience and gold to build up your character before fighting other players. The game does a pretty decent job at pitting players around their own level but new players should still take some time to grind off the AI before trying their luck. Unfortunately, players are only allowed to participate in AI battles for 2 hours a day. Each battle takes 10, 20 or 30 minutes depending on which option you select. After entering a battle, it’s just a matter of waiting for the timer to deplete before being shown the results and moving on. This gameplay style is meant for casual gamers who are left free to do other work on their browser as they wait. The Bitefight browser tab displays the countdown so you can easily see when to check in on the game. This is a low maintenance game that can easily be played in bursts of 2-3 minutes throughout the day.

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Horror City

One of the more prominent destinations in BiteFight is the City. Here players will find a Merchant who offers weapons and armor for sale, a Tavern where they can accept quests, a Market Place where they can sell items to one another, a Library where they change their character name, a Church where they can heal, a Graveyard where they can work part time to earn extra gold, and a Grotto where they can go Demon hunting. Each area has its own NPC avatar, most of which look a little disturbing — especially the market place guy. The quests you receive from these NPCs involve the same gameplay as combat, you go where you’re instructed and ‘investigate’ the area for 10 or so minutes before moving on. The items displayed in the shops are always near your level which helps keep things organized. From my experience, healing items are generally quite expensive and even the priest at the church wants money for his services. New players tend to lose a lot of vitality (heath) even in battles they win, forcing them to wait for it to naturally regen at a rate of 1 per minute or hit up the Voodoo Shop. Besides upgrading your character’s stats and buying new gear, players can upgrade their Hideout which acts as a personal house. Upgrading your hideout improves its appearance but also makes it harder for other players to attack you successfully.

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A Little Voodoo For You?

While gold serves as the blanket currency in Bitefight for everything ranging from stat training to healing, a premium currency called ‘Hell Stones’ is available to speed up the game tremendously. Hell Stones can be purchased using real cash through a variety of methods including PayPal, credit card, text messaging, game cards, and so on. The exchange rate is something in the range of 8-15 cents per hell stone depending on how many are purchased at a time. The best use for these hellstones is an upgrade to a ‘Shadow-Lord.’ Shadow-Lords receive generous benefits such as bonus gold, faster fight times, an increase of 2 hours of hunting time, and the ability to use custom avatars along with other bonuses. Upgrading your account to Shadow-Lord costs 15 hellstones for 14 days and must be re-purchased to continue reaping the benefits. Hellstones can also be used to purchase powerful gear, speed up hunts, heal your character, and so forth. These advantages have a profound effect on game balance and make it near impossible for free players to compete with those willing to pay. Whether this bothers you or not is a personal matter but the game does make every effort to try and get you to pay.

Final Verdict: Fair

Bitefight is a simple game playable in short bursts throughout the day on your web browser. The unique horror theme and classic vampire vs werewolf concept give the game some flavor but this is a game I could only recommend to those lacking time or access to more advanced games.


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