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UPDATE: This game has been shutdown and is no longer available

BigLittleBang offers kids and adults alike an opportunity to explore their musical creativity, regardless of their aptitude.  Players can create their own avatar, explore planets, and create music with other players online.  The game offers a safe, friendly environment for children to connect to their friends, and controls and privacy setting for parents, letting the whole family experience the musical adventures.

50140  320x240 biglittlebang 1

Publisher: Podscape
Playerbase: Low
Graphics: Low
EXP Rate: Medium
PvP: No
Filesize: N/A

Pros: +Musical-based gameplay. +Kid friendly. +Interesting game concept.

Cons: -Very little in-game guidance. -May be too simple of gameplay for older players

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BigLittleBang Overview

BigLittleBang is a musical exploration game where children can visit different planets, and create songs by themselves or with friends.  The game offers parental controls for privacy and security, and lets children connect with their friends in an open environment.  With graphics based on the Unity3D engine, the game is easy to play, and fun for all ages.

BigLittleBang Screenshots

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Full Review

BigLittleBang Full Review

By, M. Hauschel

The Sound of Music

In the world of BigLittleBang, you are a musical creature (Dubble) inspired by the musical melody Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do.  At the start of the game, players are given five choices of characters based on the melodic scale.  The Dubble can be customized in a variety of ways, giving you the freedom to create a dubble of your very own.  The game itself is very intuitive; the guides and tutorials are kept to a minimum.  So, you don’t have to worry about being bombarded by tutorials.

Start Off with a Bang

The BigLittleBang’s universe is filled with variety of planets to explore.  Giving players a multitude of options for entertainment, while also interacting with other players.  Each planet your character can visit has its’ own theme; the planet themes vary from cowboys, zombies, box birds, volcanoes, etc.  With each theme, the planet incorporates a game that all players visiting the planet can participate in. With each game on every planet, players compete with other players to win trophies.  These trophies are then featured on players’ profiles.

When traveling to a planet, your character will travel through a warp-space tunnel filled with music.  Hit each musical note and instrument, to surround your character with music while also gaining coin.  On each planet you can collect two resources by exploring the environment- musical instruments and coin.  Depending on which planet you are visiting, by collecting a minimum instrument amount, you can compose your own song and record your masterpiece.

51501  500x375 biglittlebang planet bling

Here is a small selection of what the planets of BigLittleBang have to offer:

Bobba Planet: This orange planet features unique a heek-and-seek game.  The player to find the radar will become “it”, while all other players on the planet must hide.  Once a “hider” is standing still, they will become a tree, making the game more of a challenge for the seeker.

Danger Zombies: Space zombies plague this bizarre planet! Once a player has activated the game, players run away from the space zombie to avoid turning into one himself or herself.  Once the timer has counted down to the appearance of the trophy, Dubbles must make it to the trophy while also avoiding the space zombies.

Haunted Planet: With ghosts and pumpkins scattered across this planet, the player who activated the game will transform into a werewolf once the moon appears in the sky.  The werewolf will chase down players to tag them before they can claim the trophy.

Food Planet: This delicious planet is an excellent place to find coins and instruments, as there is an abundance of them.  This planet features a tag game, in which the player who becomes “it” will transform into the Foodzilla.  Chase down the other players in game and prevent them from claiming the trophy for their own.

Volcano Planet: Featuring volcanoes and a Tiki theme, the game on this planet incorporates the volcanoes on the land.  A throwback to the lava-floor game children play in living room across the world, players avoid stepping on hot land once a volcano has been awaken.  The land shifts from hot to cool as the clock counts down to the appearance of the trophy.  Step into the lava once too many times and risk turning into a ghost for the remainder of the game.


51518  500x375 biglittlebang volcano planet


A Ship to Call Home

Being a space creature, a spaceship is a must!  Your spaceship works as your Dubble’s home.  With the coin you have gained from traveling and exploring, take your creature over to the store.  Within the store you can buy furniture, food, decorations, building supplies, etc, to give your spaceship a unique look.  The spaceships and be upgrades with purchases to make for larger living accommodations.

Also available in the store are options to customize your Dubble.  With choices from mustaches to fairy wings, creating a distinct look for your Dubble is a breeze.

51482  500x375 biglittlebang customize 2


Kid Gloves

BigLittleBang stresses that they environment of the site is to be fun and safe.  BigLittleBang has a policy of no swearing and no offensive talk.  The site features filtered chat and live moderators, to offer parents a peace-of-mind.  The moderators not only monitor activity but can also help players in game with help at anytime.  Parents wanting to know about their child’s experience of the website can also contact a moderator.  The game also offers parental controls for privacy and security, creating an environment safe for kids that the parents can feel comfortable with.

51502  500x375 biglittlebang ray circuit


Final Verdict: Good

An imaginative game that encourages musical innovation, BigLittleBang, gives parents a safe option for their children to participate in online gaming. This game may not be attractive for players of an older demographic, as it is geared towards a younger age group. But with plenty of activities to occupy your time and amusing art-style to look at, BigLittleBang is a fun place to hang out with your friends and make to new ones.


BigLittleBang Screenshots


BigLittleBang Videos

BigLittleBang: First Contact



BigLittleBang Links

Official Game Page

System Requirements

BigLittleBang System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows XP/Vista (PC), OSX (Mac)
CPU: Intel Centrino/AMD Sempron processor (Mac: Intel Only)
Unity Web Player

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