Auto Club Revolution

Auto Club Revolution is a 3D racing themed MMO by Eutechnyx. Join an active community designed for individuals that love fast cars and the open road. Participate in single and multiplayer races on challenging courses. Customize your vehicles with various colors or add-ons for an edge on the tracks. Set up an in-depth profile page showcasing all of your awards and current rankings or post social media style status updates for friends to view while chatting simultaneously. Become a race car legend worthy of the title in this F2P game.

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Publisher: Eutechnyx
Playerbase: Low
Graphics: Medium
Type: MMO
EXP Rate: Medium
PvP: N/A
Filesize: 216 MB

Pros: +Sleek interface. +Over 40 licensed vehicles. +Impressive social platform and chat features. +Nice reward system. +Good car customization options. +Multiple modes. +Plenty of challenges and events.

Cons: -Repetitive gameplay. –Limited maps. –No weather conditions. –Players have to download each course as they are unlocked. –Sound and graphics could be better.

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Auto Club Revolution Overview

Auto Club Revolution or ACR is a racing simulation game that also functions as an online social community for players that enjoy race cars. Find buddies, chat, and race on challenging courses. Once joined, each member has their own official profile page that friends can access. Post status updates similar to Facebook or Twitter. Players can display their pin awards and current rankings along with anything else they’d like to share. Users can race through the famous Silverstone Circuit in single or multiplayer mode. Much like Big City Racer, Heat Online, and Need for Speed World players hit the streets to top the leader boards in this fast paced MMO.

Tracks – Infineon Raceway, Circuit de Spafrancorchamps, LA River, LA River Sprint, and Silverstone.

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Full Review

Auto Club Revolution Full Review

By, Ange Perdu

Auto Club Revolution also known as ACR is a 3D online racing browser game with a built-in social platform for car enthusiasts. Players join to race and chat with others. Explore notable tracks like the Infineon Raceway and the legendary British Motorsport Silverstone Circuit. Earn XP and credits for completing race challenges and beating others on the leader boards. Choose from dozens of different cars and purchase various part upgrades to improve speed performance. Create an in-depth player profile page listing all of your accomplishments and latest status updates. Meet new racing fans and chat. Participate in single or multiplayer race modes and become one of the greatest drivers ever to hit the tracks in this free-to-play MMO.

In the Race Hangout, the Gameplay

Players start out with Opel Corsa OPC on their home dashboard. At the top of the screen random racing challenges appear. Most of the gameplay revolves around completing racing challenges in either single or multiplayer mode. Successfully accomplishing a race earns XP and credits. When a player accumulates a certain amount of experience a new rank is achieved. Reaching a rank level will unlock additional tracks and free cars. Although browser based, this game operates more as a hybrid of the two, requiring separate downloads for each track. The downloading process can be annoying. When joining multiplayer races there’s a significant waiting time for player’s maps to load. Similar to Big City Racer the maps are limited. The small number of maps makes the gameplay feel repetitive. Users can only race through Infineon Raceway, Circuit de Spafrancorchamps, LA River, LA River Sprint, and the coveted Silverstone. LA River Sprint is a special drag racing track for drivers to test out their vehicle’s speed. Races are initiated through the lobby’s Race Hangout area with up to 8 players per track. The standard WASD keys are used for steering. Most of the courses are quite challenging. Drivers must maneuver through long wide turns, narrow pathways, up hills, under bridges, and navigate precise sharp turns to avoid penalties. ACR features realistic racing like Heat Online but with an animated touch.

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Updating Your Status Facebook Style

Socializing is a big aspect of ACR. Players have access to each other through various chat channels and their profile page. Although the game has a somewhat small community of players they’re very active and friendly. There’s always a race event available and a handful of talkative chatters online. Players can converse in the open chat box and communicate during a race using the quick chat mode. Players also have a custom profile page, located on their home dashboard to post updates and share their progress. The sleek interface is easy to maneuver. It’s almost identical to the social platform used for sites like Facebook or Twitter. Each user has their own feed box where they can enter whatever they’re thinking. Players can also personalize their page by displaying race pins which function as achievement medals. Logging in daily, winning a particular challenge, hitting a high speed, and even crashing can earn of these prized badges of honor. Users are allowed to showcase and interchange up to three race pins on their profile at a time. The leader boards also list the top ranking players and their stats.

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Vehicles & Upgrades

Much like Need for Speed World, the game features a variety of real licensed vehicles. Players can earn a free car by leveling up or they can be purchased through the showroom. All of the vehicles in the showroom require E credits in order to buy. This form of currency is difficult to attain without using actual money. Players with E funds can buy the Acura NSX, Bentley Continental GT Speed, Ford Focus ST, Ford GT, Jaguar XKR-S, Lotus Europa SE, Mazda RX-7 Spirit R, Type A, Nissan Skyline R34 NISMO, TVR T35OT, Vauxhall VXR8, BMW Z4 M Coupe, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Pagani Zonda F, and McLaren F1. The car customization options in Auto Club Revolution are pretty good as well. Players can drag and drop over 20 different decals onto their car. Design a vehicle with colored blobs and splats or an assortment of arrows. Add chequered flags, lions, deer, bats, eagles, ducks, alligators, sharks, snakes, snails, and fierce panthers to stand out in the crowd.

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In the workshop players can invest in various upgrades to boost the overall performance of their vehicle. All of ACR’s upgrades can be purchased using in-game C credits earned through racing. Since these tokens are easy to acquire, anyone can customize their car to its highest level. Buy springs, dampers, induction kits, brake pads, brake discs, air filters, ECU, compression ratio, high lift racing camshaft, port polish, decat, gearbox, and lightweight drive shafts for inertia reduction. Cosmetically paint changes and higher caliber of wheels can be added. Brands like Revlo, Zeta K, RPO3, SF Challenge, and VX5 wheels are available.

Final Verdict: Fair

ACR feels more like a mediocre client game, disguised as a browser based racing MMO. There’s annoying mini downloads for every inch of new content and despite its polished interface there’s still some glitches that need to be worked out. The best feature in the game is its social platform which is rare in racing titles. Players can really connect with others. Although the player community is relatively small, all of the members are extremely active making the chat features fun to use. The car customization is another positive, with over 40 different licensed vehicles for players to upgrade. This F2P designed for motorsport fans might be worth trying for those that enjoy online racing games.


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Big City Racer is a 3D free to play MMO racing game where players race each other across Europe through the cities of Berlin, London, Paris, and Vienna. Speed past historic monuments and view breathtakingly beautiful sights while vying to become one of the best racers in the world. Practice solo in special ghost mode against your best time. Win challenging races and earn coins to customize your vehicle. Although it lacks the extensive mechanics and options that popular games such as Need for Speed World Online or Heat Online offers the additional features in Big City Racer makes racing fun. Compete in daily tournaments for jackpots and real prizes. Chat with other players and move up the ranks from mere rookie to city master.

1-2 Go, the Gameplay

Players begin by choosing the Ford Focus ST, Volvo C30 T5, or Volkswagen Golf GTI as their vehicle. As players win races and earn coins more cars and customization options are unlocked. Most of the gameplay in Big City Racer focuses on a player’s progression from rookie to master. Competitors have to participate in as many races as possible snagging first or second place for a coin reward. Each race has a fee or stake that racers pay to compete. Depending on the difficulty level of the track stakes range from 1 to 5 coins per race. Despite the simplicity of the game it is surprisingly challenging. The true-to-life backdrops of major European tourist destinations create complex roadways for players to navigate through. In the city of Berlin racers must squeeze their car through the columns in the historic Brandenburg Gate flying past the Bundestag dome and famous Museumsinsel. Wide round streets quickly turn narrow requiring precise control. Players have to speed through the tapered roads of London past the iconic red double-decker busses and zoom across the bridge. The various tunnels and long winding streets of Europe are demanding especially when using the default arrow keys to drive. There is a cool single-player ghost training mode that let’s users practice racing a ghost car representing their previous time. It allows racers to become familiar with the tracks and improve without wasting coins. Players can race in sunny, sunset, and rainy weather conditions on round or sprint tracks in each city.

Tournaments & Rankings

The player base in Big City Racer is small which can make it difficult to find a race at times. Users can enter the Find a Player tab to view all the players currently online. Click on them to join the room where they are racing or conduct a search to find a specific friend. There’s usually always a few players online available to race. Once a race is started aborting it will forfeit coin stake. Another unique feature in Big City Racer is their tournaments and ranking options. Tournaments are held daily giving users equal opportunity to earn large amounts of coins without spending real money. Clicking the tournament tab will bring up the weekly schedule. Players can browse and choose a competition to register for. Registration is just a quick click and a countdown will appear displaying the days, hours, and minutes until the showdown. Most tournaments have a stake of 5 coins. The top players get to move on to the next round until only one racer is left victorious. The bottom players are automatically eliminated from the tournament. One random tournament participant each day will be drawn for a real prize. These gifts can range from free software to the latest cell phone or high tech gadget. There’s also a chat box integrated in the game room for players to converse with one another. Chatting can take place before and after races not during. Players can see how they rank with the rest of the players online in terms of wins and riches by browsing the ranks for the past 7 days or 30 day stats.

The Garage Shop

There’s a nice amount of customization available in Big City Racer. Players can have 10 vehicles to choose from including the Petty Cruiser, Classy C6, Tycoon, McCormick, Spider, Opulent R1, and the Police car. They range from 1,000 to 7,000 coins depending on the model. Once purchased players can alter the color, add decals, window tint, aluminum rims, boosts, underbody neon lights, and change the horn sound. Select a finish in red, blue, green, yellow, black, white, silver, orange, or dark gray. Lightening, straight lines, number one symbol, infinity, racing team, playboy, or tramp stamp decals can be added to the sides and back of vehicles. Apply a deep ocean blue, gold, or dark black window tint. Attach silver or black alien style rims. Players can also match their nitro boost colors with their car in hope, wisdom, and love shades. Install neon lights in blue heaven, red energy, or light gold. A constant throughout the game is its sound effects. All cars feature a standard horn but can be later customized to resemble a carnival, truck stop, cow noise, or Mexican melody. Users who really want to pimp out their ride need about 6,250 or so coins which will require winning a lot of races.

Final Verdict: Fair

Big City Racer is a challenging and addicting racing MMO. Players that are new to racing games or looking for a different type of environment to explore will enjoy the scenic European backdrop as they compete for top rank against others. Maneuver around historical monuments. Speed through numerous tunnels, bridges, narrow brick pathways, and wide turning roads across Berlin, London, Paris, and Vienna to an adrenaline pumping techno house soundtrack. Although very basic when compared to more polished games like Heat Online or Need for Speed World Online Big City Racer it can still be fun. One of the game’s biggest drawbacks though is its incredibly low playerbase.

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